Sunday, 4 August 2013

Today is not a great day...

This morning I woke up feeling very anxious. From the minute my alarm went off I instantly had that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that comes with anxiety. I was agitated and felt a sense of dread. All day I have felt the same and at times worse to the point were I’ve felt like I'm about to have a panic attack.
My mind is foggy and I am struggling with basic decisions. It’s like I'm in slow motion whilst everything around me is in fast forward. I think I’ve been less than useless at work today and can’t wait to get home put some pajama’s on and try to relax.
As mentioned above I have felt like this before but there has always been a reason; a stressful situation, a nerve-wracking job but today that wasn’t the case. I had an amazing weekend with my Gav. We enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful weather, went to a film festival, ate delish food and enjoyed a few quiet drinks, I submitted a uni assignment yesterday that I'm really happy with and I'm feeling really inspired about my career path. I just don’t know what caused the way I'm feeling today, I havent felt stressed at all lately.
Do you ever have days were you feel like this for no reason? What’s your remedy for helping your mental state?
I'm hoping a walk to the beach followed by a bubble bath and hugs from my husband when I get home tonight are my cure!


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