Monday, 4 March 2013

A 50th Party & A Surprise!

Happy 50th Birthday to the kindest, sweetest most caring mother in the world!

Last week my mum turned the big 50. To celebrate my mum threw a big party at her favourite venue and invited 70-80 of her favourite people to celebrate with. The night began with hugs and kisses and catching up with family members and old family friends. Mum had a huge smile on her face overwhelmed by the amount of people that wanted to wish her Happy Birthday and shower her with gifts and affection.

During the planning stages my parents kept mentioning that at 8.30pm on the night of her party that there would be a surprise. I wrongly assumed it would be some kind of performance (perhaps a drag show) but I was way off.

At 8.30pm on the night my parents both seemed to disappear for a few minutes and I spent that time asking anyone I could what was going on. No one knew anything! All of a sudden an MC appeared with my parents at her side and she started welcoming everyone to my mums 50th. She then started talking about my parents’ marriage, as they were also celebrating their 30th Wedding anniversary. I then figured it out; my parents were renewing their wedding vows!

Everyone in the room was shocked and overwhelmed. My dad unbuttoned his nice formal shirt to display a tuxedo tshirt, which definitely got a laugh from everyone. Mum and dad then recited their vows to each other in the form of lyrics from songs that have been popular throughout their marriage.

I couldn’t stop myself from getting a little emotional (but also giggling a lot over the song lyrics) and the rest of my family was the same! It was just so sweet to see my parents who are normally shy people take the spotlight and tell each other and the world how they feel. Their marriage hasn’t always been easy and has had its ups and downs like every marriage does, but it is really inspiring to have them as role models for how a marriage should be. It would be tough to find 2 people as in love as they are after 30 years together – they are closer and happier than ever!

Here is a photo of my parents from there dating days (wasn’t my mum an original hipster?) and also a photo from their wedding day 30 years ago.

Isn’t love grand?


  1. THis is so beautiful! I can't wait to one day renew my vows with my hubby :)

    Happy Monday!

    The Hartungs Blog

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