Thursday, 7 February 2013

Best Friend - It's A Tier Not A Person

Last week I was watching The Mindy Project (I seriously adore this show, anyone else with me?) and Mindy said “Best Friend isn’t a person, it’s a tier” (I'm paraphrasing) and this totally applies to me and my friends.
There are 5 girls in my friendship group; Jill, Jade, Melissa, Candice and myself and we are all best friends. It’s quite random how we all came to be friends. I went to High School with Jade, Melissa and Candice however it wasn’t until after I left school that I started to spend time with them. During our school years we were often in each other’s classes and would chat but I was in a different social group so we didn’t really spend time together outside of school. Somehow we kept contact after I left school and became BFF's.

Jill and I became acquaintances when we were both in Year 10 (different schools) and she was dating Gavin’s best friend. We did not like each other and we both found it really hard to have a conversation with each other. We then found ourselves at the same high school in Year 11 (both our high school junior campuses fed into the same senior campus). We were in lots of classes together but still didn’t get along despite the fact that our boyfriends were besties and we would often see each other on the weekend when the boys got together. It wasn’t until a few years later that we actually started to bond and from then we became BFF's. Whilst the relationship between Jill and Gav's friend didn’t last, our friendship did and Jill became a part of our little group.

This is us all together at my 21st - wow, that's 5 years ago!

It’s now 6-7 years later and we are all still best friends and the girls were all bridesmaids in my wedding. We are all really independent people who have our own lives, relationships and hobbies but when we are together it’s like no time has passed and we have the most fun!  We may not live in each others pockets and talk on the phone every day (or week for that matter) but we catch up regularly and always know what is going on in each others lives. It might not be the typical best friend relationship but it works for us. I always know that they are there for me and that I can call them any time of day if I need something.

These girls mean the world to me and are the best friends a girl could ask for!   
I love this casual photos of the girls that I took in 2011!

And this one is taken on the same day in 2011.

This is from my wedding day (i hate the photo of me but love it of the girls). From left to right: Melissa, Crystal (my sister in law), Jade, Me, Shellie (my cousin) and Candice.


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