Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I Return! // Welcome New Followers!

Hi Everyone!

Wow, I cant believe its been a week since I last blogged! Work, family, and friends have kept me super busy and slightly stressed over the past few weeks but I'm nearing the end of the craziness. I plan to get back to blogging regularly - 4 times a week is my goal. I have lots of posts planned! Stay tuned over the next few weeks!

A big WELCOME to my many new followers that have joined from the group giveaway over at Tales of a Twenty Something. Thanks so much for following my blog, I hope you find something enjoyable here! Over the next week or two I plan on visiting each and every one of your blogs.

Unfortunately that's it for now! I have been up since very early this morning for a work function so I am currently falling asleep over my laptop - my bed is calling my name!

Sweet Dreams!


  1. Hello, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check it out on my blog if you'd like to answer the questions I've asked! :)

    1. Wow, thanks Aaliyah! I am heading over to your blog now to take a look!


  2. Glad to be following along! I LOVE your blog layout and the colour scheme!

    The Hartungs Blog