Sunday, 3 February 2013

Couch to 5k!

5.30am this morning was way to early for my first run - the moon was still out!

Over the weekend I decided enough was enough, I really need to make an effort to get fit. So last night the husband and I made the decision to start a Couch to 5k program (granted, Gavin is super fit so doesn't need to do it but he was there for support).

Our first rulk (run/walk - do you think that combining the words will take off?) was at 5.30am this morning. My gosh, it was super hard to wake up to my alarm and actually get out of bed but I knew that if I made an excuse on the first day I would never stick to the program.

The first day program is intended to be easy with a 5 min warm up then alternating 1 minute running with 1 1/2 minutes walking however as I'm very unfit it nearly killed me! Luckily I have a super sweet husband who was there motivating me! The plan is to do a rulk (he he) 3 times a week...hopefully by writing this it will make me accountable for going.

I was going to post this last night but decided to hold off until I had actually gone for my first run. Historically I tend to have these great ideas about things I plan to do but follow through on so few.
Hopefully this wont be one of those times!

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  1. Hey check this out. Hill to Harbour fun run in April