Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines Day Love

Happy Valentines Day to my super sweet, amazing followers!

Today is Gavin & I's 10th Valentines Day together (that makes me sound old!). Over the course of our relationship we have both celebrated and not celebrated Valentines Day for various reasons. 

But this year we made a point to celebrate! We said no over the top gifts, just a $20 limit and homemade presents encouraged! We are going out for dinner though to an amazing restaurant we have been dying to go to. As part of Gav's '12 months of Dates' Christmas present (I'll blog about this soon) I included a voucher for 'Rustica' and tomorrow we finally get to use it! Follow me on instagram (@mrsjennachapman) to see photos!

And now to my amazing and super sweet Valetine - Gavin. I know we tell each other everyday how we feel but I just wanted to make sure that today you know just how crazy I am about you. You are my world! Love you to the moon and back bub! And just like I already told you today, if you were a transformer you'd be Optimus Fine! Hehe


  1. So sweet!! Happy 10th valentines! :) Enjoy your day.

  2. Awww I hope you and Gavin have a wonderful Valentines Day! 10?! Wow, that's a lot...I'm impressed! I'm so glad I found your two are seriously the cutest :). Happily following along! Happy Valentines Day Jenna!


    1. That is so sweet Brittany! Your comment definitely brightened my day!

  3. Love birds, Happy Valentine's! Love is definitely in the air.... Enjoy the moment.