Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Lots of soccer! I have become a very obsessive fan over the past few weeks. I think it's because the finals are so close and I have a husband who loves his soccer.

Being super busy over the past week has meant not a lot of TV watching (this could be seen as a good thing...) so I have lots of our regular shows to catch up on!

Any recommendations for good movies that are out now/recently? Remember I'm in Australia and we can sometimes be a month or two behind you cool American kids. We have quite a few free movie tickets that expire at the end of March that I really want to use. Is 'Beautiful Creatures' good? Disclaimer: I realise this movie seems silly but I love teenage type movies and add in a supernatural element and I'm usually hooked!

Nothing new this week. I've just had my iPhone on shuffle replaying lots of songs I love. 'Same Love' gets played at least a few times in our house each week, I still find it to be such a powerful and well written song.

We found out this week that my hubby will be going overseas again for about 10 days for work. This time he is off to the UK and Germany. I am incredibly jealous, plus neither of us function at all when we aren't together so Gav has offered me a BIG shopping spree whilst he is away to try to minimise how miserable I will be. That boy knows me SO well. So, I have roped in a few friends to go for a shopping weekend in Sydney. We will shop all day, stay in a nice hotel, have dinner and cocktails at a great restaurant and then shop again the next day. This is like my girl heaven! I will still be majorly sad the other 8 days he is away but those 2 days in Sydney are going to be pretty great.

How much I am going to miss Gav when he is gone for 10 days. We have been together for 11 years this year and have spent no more than one day apart in that time except when he went to America for 10 days last October. It doesn't sound like a long time but we are incredibly close and to not see each other every day was even more difficult than we thought. There were tears on both ends of the phone during that trip. Plus at that time, our little cat Harry just had a major cancer scare and was transitioning onto a new diet to help with the condition he has. He went from being a big cat of about 5kg to weighing only 3.3kg - he is now back over 5kg thankfully! At the time, he was sick after everything he ate and I had him at the vet every few days - definitely the worst time for Gav to be away. Both our cats are now very healthy so I'm sure this trip will be much easier for us both.

Girls night out Saturday night! Whilst I regularly catch up with friends for coffee or lunch dates we haven't had a girls night out in so long. Plus its an event to raise money for charity so its a feel good night as well.

During the craziness over the past week I have somehow managed to devour not one but two books! That shows my priorities, right? First i read Mindy Kaling's book 'Is everyone hanging out without me' which was laugh out loud funny. So many times in the book I would start giggling to myself like a crazy person. The second book I read was 'The Younger Man' by Zoe Foster. I could not put it down! If you are not from Australia you probably wouldn't be familiar with Zoe Foster but she is an author, insanely knowledgeable beauty expert and former writer/beauty editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. Plus she is married to a very popular radio/tv personality and they are just adorable. The book is somewhat based on the two of them getting together. Anyway her writing style is very funny, if you like a good Chick Lit book along the lines of Lindsey Kelk or Paige Toon you will love her books.

I know I tend to harp on about him a lot but my husband Gav truly makes me happier than anything else in the world. I get so excited driving home from work knowing I'm going to see him. We are both too impatient and excited to just talk to each other when we get home that we usually call each other as we are both driving home (on handsfree of course) and purge all of the good and bad points of our days and any silly stories we have. There isn't a day that goes by were I'm not hugely grateful to have him to share my life with.

What has been going on in your life over the past week? Feel free to leave comments below, I love hearing from you guys!


  1. Two books?! Wow, you go girl!! I think it's so sweet how in love you and your hubby are :) sounds like y'all have something that will truly last forever.

  2. I heard Mindy's book was fabulous; still haven't read it though. Definitely going to look for that and the Zoe Foster book you recommended. xoxo

  3. Shopping sprees usually make up for a lot - in our household too :)

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  4. I love how much you love your sweet!! And I'm super jealous of your shopping spree weekend!! Sounds amazing!!